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lub werehouse

  • Lubes available in bulk, 55 gallon drums, pails, kegs and cases
  • Three quality brands available as well as a proprietary value brand
  • Product integrity guarantee
  • Lube analysis program
  • Keep-full service supplemented with electronic tank monitoring
  • Expansive bulk and packaged goods inventory capacity meeting a wide range of applications for oil automotive, commercial and industrial market segments
  • Loaned equipment program
  • Branded quick lube programs are available with the Citgo, Mystic and 76 brands

Allow our team to show you a cost/benefits analysis of converting your fleets to synthetics or ask about our Lube Locker storage system - keep your product and equipment clean and dry.

lub icon Certified Lubricant Specialist

Technical assistance is available to determine optimum lubricant performance by selecting the proper application. We have a Certified Lubricant Specialist on staff to consult with our team members and customers.

Contact Jude Hupp at 661.978.3992 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with technical questions.