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EIA Gasoline and Diesel Retail Prices Update

In the West Coast PADD 5 market, diesel pump prices increased by 2.3 cents to average $2.862/gallon. This price was 53 cents above its level last year. Prices excluding California rose 3.7 cents to $2.772/gallon, which was 57.2 cents above the retail price for the same week last year. California diesel prices increased by 1.2 cents to an average price of $2.935/gallon, 49.8 cents higher than last year’s price. Prices were influenced by downtime at one of the hydrocrackers (20-kbpd capacity) at the 77-kbpd Phillips 66 Rodeo refinery near San Francisco. Phillips 66’s 100-kbpd refinery at Ferndale, Washington, was down for an overhaul. PBF Energy reduced throughput at the 88-kbpd vacuum gas oil (VGO) hydrotreater at its 149-kbpd Torrance, California, refinery for more unplanned repairs.