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Capitalize on the Propane Irrigation Engine Market with up to $5,000 in Incentives from PERC & WPERC!

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is seeking a limited number of agriculture producers to demonstrate select, new propane-fueled irrigation engines as well as other equipment and collect valuable research data through the Propane Farm Incentive Program. As part of this initiative, PERC hopes to place a variety of equipment on farms and agribusinesses in various parts of the country. In return, applicants who are selected to take part in the program will be paid a financial incentive for their participation ranging from $640 to $4,000 for propane-fueled irrigation engines, to be paid in increments*. For California participants, the Western Propane Education & Research Council (WPERC) will provide an additional $1,000 incentive for their purchase of a new propane-powered irrigation engine.

For farmers who haven't looked at propane-powered irrigation engines lately, now is the time. Manufacturers are using the latest technology to produce propane-powered engines that are efficient, reliable, and durable. When compared with diesel or gasoline engines, these new engines produce fewer emissions and cost up to 20 percent less to purchase and operate. The new propane-powered engines also provide farmers with an immediate savings in fuel costs compared with diesel or gasoline. Plus, propane-powered irrigation engines are compliant with the EPA's Tier 4 emissions regulations.

To apply for the Propane Farm Incentive Program and subsequently WPERC’s propane irrigation incentive program, visit Once it has been determined that the applicant is accepted into the program, the participant will be contacted by PERC over the course of a season and asked to complete a pre and post-season survey as well as a short phone interview. Once these steps have been completed, WPERC will then send the participant the additional $1,000 incentive.

Marketers may also submit survey questions for consideration to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At the conclusion of the program, marketers will receive an analysis of the survey data collected from all California participants; which will include:

(1) Performance and rating of the engine used;

(2) Propane gallons sold based on participants using the equipment;

(3) How many hours/types of crops the engine was used for; and

(4) What time of year the engine was purchased.

Note, this is an incentive program not a rebate and as such, participants will have to show proof of purchase as well as provide supporting data via surveys and a phone interview over the course of a season to receive incentive monies. Participants are encouraged to file an application for the incentive prior to purchasing any new equipment since acceptance is not guaranteed. For the complete PERC qualification requirements, and more information regarding the Propane Farm Incentive Program, see the program guidelines at:

* 2/3 of the incentive will be paid after the pre-season survey and another 1/3 after the post-season survey all completed by January 2017

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