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Attention All Propane Users

Wholesale Fuels is reminding all gas utility consumers to exercise caution and follow some basic safety guidelines regarding propane service, wildfires, and evacuations:

If you are being evacuated: if you have the time to safely do so, turn your tank off prior to leaving your property.

When you return, post-evacuation:

• If the tank has been turned off or there has been any interruption of service, call your provider to perform an inspection prior to turning the tank back on.  Only trained technicians should be operating these systems, and the National Fire Protection Association requires a leak check to be performed whenever propane supply is turned off prior to re-instating service.” 
• If the tank has not been turned off, make a good visual inspection of the full tank. Look at all sides of the tank and hosing, checking for any damage. Call us if you have any concerns.